2015-08-14 WAKO ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 PUNE- India 1st to 9th August 2015

After the long suspense, 2015 WAKO Asian Championships were held with great success from 1st to 9th August 2015 in Pune in India. Extraordinary work of both WAKO Asia and Organizing Committee headed by Nasser Nassiri, Vice President of WAKO (IF) and President of WAKO ASIA with collaboration of WAKO India Kickboxing Federation N.G. leaded by Mr. C A Tamboli granted the event a enormous success.

The competition was organized during the 5 full day’s and was broad casting each day for 5 hours direct by national TV available in various countries including UAE. Many personalities visiting the competition such as Secretary General of Indian Sport Minister and Director of affiliation department of Indian National Olympic Committee.

Pune has selected by WAKO Asia for WAKO Asian Kickboxing Championships 2014/2015 not because it is offering the best conditions to host such event but also because of its geographic location.

On 3rd of August a day before the competition, the referee/Judge Seminar was conducted jointly by Mr. Nassiri President of WAKO ASIA and Mr. Euncheon Jeong, the chairman of Ring Referee committee of WAKO ASIA following the team manger meeting at the headquarters of competition with very important participation. The 17 WAKO Asian members were registered for this prestigious event but unfortunately, only 13 WAKO Asian members could take part as Afghanistan, Bangladesh could not obtain their entry visa on time and Iraq and Uzbekistan could not find an alternative fly to arrive on time.

The 13 WAKO Asian members were participated and presented to the Championships in Pune with a little more than 350 registered competitors distributed in all Ring and Tatami sport styles competition.

More than 65 referees, judges and coach and more than 70 voluntaries took part in WAKO Asian Championships 2014/2015 Pune, India. All delegation, official and referees/Judges stayed at Hotel ORCHID one of the prestigious hotel in Pune.

WAKO ASIA also organized International Referees/Judges seminars on 3rd August 2015 for more than 5 hours with participation of all referees/Judges and Coaches.

For the first time in WAKO Asian Championships, we hold the Musical Forms, Light Contact and Kick light, which ended successfully.

The excellent job was done by both Nasser Nassiri, Vice President of WAKO (IF) and the leader of WAKO Asia and C. A. Tamboli, the President of WAKO India and the President of MKBA by including in the program various national cultural program during opening ceremony, break time and award ceremony.

The competition was in very high level with participation of ranked athletes from all five Asian Zone (West, Central, South, South East and East).

The results tables are official results of WAKO Asian Championships 2014/2015 held in Pune from 1st to 9th of August, 2015.

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