WAKO (IF) is the only official Kickboxing International Federation in the World member of SportAccord (Previously known as GAISF).

Accordingly, the applied rules in Kickboxing sport are determinate and finalize by WAKO (IF).
The rules of WAKO (IF) are implemented by the continental Confederation/Federation including Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA when they are appicalble in conformity with Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) statutes, rules and regulations.

Download the WAKO Rules and regulations mentioned above .

Chapter 1_final General Rules_V15

Chapter 2_Ring Sports_General Rules V16 August 2016

Chapter 3_Tatami Sports_General Rules_v19

Chapter 4_Point Fighting _ v19 _2

Chapter 5_Light Contact_ v19

Chapter 6_Kick Light_ v19.

Chapter 7 – New Musical Forms V17  April 2016

Chapter 8_Full Contact – update V18 August 2016

Chapter 9_Low Kick – update August 2016

Chapter 10_K-1 Rules – update August 2016

WAKO ASIA Medical Form and Guidline

Note! About Open Scoring in Ring Sports

WAKO scoring papers (3/ 5/ 12 rounds)