2016-07-02 Notice of call for WAKO Asian General Assembly 2016

TO: All WAKO Asian Kickboxing Federation voting members

By regular mail, Fax or mail

Dear WAKO Asian Members,,

By the present on behalf of the WAKO Asian Kickboxing Federation Board of Directors and in accordance with Article 17 of the Constitution, I am enclosing the formal notice of call and the agenda for the upcoming General Assembly for our Federation to be held on 03 September 2016 at 09:00 at Hotel Sejong Spatel Cheongju City, Singichojeong-ro 699, 363-935 Cheongju, South Korea.

Sincerely yours

Nasser Nassiri

President, WAKO Asian Kickboxing Federation

Vice President, WAKO (IF)

To download and review the “Notice of Call and agend” click here

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