2016-04-27 Nassiri visiting Korea

Reported by Public relation Department:

Nasser Nassiri, President of WAKO Asian Kickboxing Federation and Vice President of WAKO arrived in Korea today where he is expected for various meeting with the Korean sport authroities and politic leaders.

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Mr Nassiri was welcomed at his arrival by the leaders of Korean Kickboxing Association and representative of the Korean sport authorites. The daily meeting are programmes from 28 May during the 4 days visit of Mr Nassiri.

Mr. Nassiri declared: It is a great pleasure for me to visit again Korea after Incheon 2013 AIMAG during which Kickboxing sport was one of the most successful event.

Nassiri added: I am happy to meet again my friends Mr. Euywoong Mah the President of Korean Kickboxing Association (KKA), Mr Suntaek Kong the General Secretay of Association and Mr Euncheon Jeong Direcrtor of KKA and Chairman of WAKO Asian Kickboxing Federation referee of ring sports.

Public Relation department stated: The President of WAKO Asian Kickboixng Federation confirms that his visit will not only be the historical visit for Asian athletes but for all members of World Martial Arts community in particular Kickboxing sport.

More news will come soon……..


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