2018-01-12 Official Seminar and Evaluation (Degree, practical Training/Coaching and Referees) in Tehran/Iran

We are pleased to announce that on 12 January 2018, WAKO Iran Kickboxing Association (WAKO IRAN) hosted a technical assessment period (degree), practical Training/coaching and Referees seminar in the men’s section in Tehran/Iran at the National Teams Training Hall at Azadi Sports Complex one of the biggest sport complex in Iran.

More than 200 coaches, athletes and referees from 25 provinces of Iran took part in the seminar.
The participants practiced technical issues, practical coaching and referee/Judges Rules.

The Evaluation Committee supervised by Nasser Nassiri, President of the WAKO Iran Kickboxing Association, President of Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) and Vice President of WAKO was conducted with International standard Kickboxing principles, techniques, and referee/Judges Rules were practiced and discussed.

At the same time the evaluation form 1 to 4 degrees took place into four distinct groups and practical coaching and arbitration with the direct supervisor of Mr. Nassiri, the President of WAKO Iran Kickboxing Association.

At the end of the session, the President of WAKO IRAN, who with particular attention monitored the evaluation, wished success to the members of the WAKO IRAN stating:

“Our efforts is that we can be active in both internal and will be able to demonstrate our power in highest international competition.

He also thanked the members for their participation in this evaluation, adding: “The education and upgrading of the knowledge and experience of our coaches and referees, along with their presence in the side of our national team members is our priority and I hope we can continue to be successful”.

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