Dear Members,
After recent publication of news in WAKO web and WAKO Facebook pages, Which created a lot of confusion among our members we feel necessary to make the following statement.
We would like to inform you that Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) do not recognized the meeting held on 11 June 2017 by suspended members of WAKO India as an official General Assembly as this meeting was fixed to discuss the issue related to participation of Indian athletes in sport university event.

In fact that meeting was called long time go by  Mr. Tamboli instructions and before his resignation.
Please read carefully the historical changes as detailed below in order to better understand why this nomination is considerate illegal and why WAKO ASIA do not recognized that meeting.

WAKO ASIA will stand on against these kind of illegal activities and bring the case in front of any competent authorities if needed. It is very harmful to take position in these kind of issues when we are in process of completing the application of recognition with IOC.
Historical of changes in Indian Kickboxing Federation (WAKO INDIA)
Indian Kickboxing Federation (WAKO INDIA) is members of Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA).
Indian Kickboxing Confederation held its last General Assembly on 21/04/2013 during which the statutes were adopted and counter signed by the various Indian states Kickboxing Associations whom the countersigned theses statutes. These statutes were communicated and registered with Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA).

During the same General Assembly the members elected the following persons as executives:
–  Mr. C. A. Tamboli, President
–  Mr. Gursharan Singh, Vice President
–  Mr. Donny Ronee, Vice President
–  Mr. Montu Das, Secretary General
–  Mr. P. Salvraj, Treasurer

Board members
–  Mr. Santosh Agrawal
–  Mr. Sanjeev Jangra
–  Mr. G. Anand Balu
–  Mr. Harsh Dahiya
–  Mr. Anil Kalyan
–  Mrs Garima sign
The information related to election of the above mentioned people is mentioned by write handing in page 13/13 of Statutes of Indian Kickboxing Federation.
The Indian Kickboxing Federation did not have any General Assembly since 21/04/2013 but since that date there were the following effects:
Mrs Garima sign, who was nominated by Assembly General but was absent in the meeting refused her nomination,
Mr. Gurushan Singh, Vice President, suddenly past away, Mr. Montu Das, Secretary General resigned because of his activities with Chess boxing, Mr. Santosh Agrawal left the position as Board member and accept the proposal to act as Secretary General until new election and Mr. P. Salvraj resigned and left Federation in 2014,

Mr. Santosh Agrawal by letter of 17/01/2017 resigned from his position of acting Secretary General

As of 01/06/2017 the composition of the Board of Directors of the Indian Kickboxing Federation was the following:
– Mr. C. A. Tamboli, President
– Mr. Donny Ronee, Vice President
– Mr. Sanjeev Jangra
– Mr. G. Anand Balu
– Mr. Harsh Dahiya
– Mr. Anil Kalyan

On 04/06/2017 Mr. C.A. Tamboli announced his resignation to all states association Kickboxing members of Indian Kickboxing Federation, WAKO Asia, and WAKO form the position of the President on 03/06/2017.

After resignation of Mr. C.A. Tamboli on 03/06/2017 the composition of the Indian Kickboxing Federation were the following:
– Mr. Donny Ronee, Vice President
– Mr. Sanjeev Jangra
– Mr. G. Anand Balu
– Mr. Harsh Dahiya
– Mr. Anil Kalyan

On 04/03/2017, at same time Mr. Santosh Agrawal, announced to all States Kickboxing Associations members the resignation of Mr. C. A. Tamboli and the foundation of Management committee in complete illegality without respecting the rules and regulations and in violating of the WAKO INDIA’s statutes.

Mr. Santosh Agrawal mentioned in his email:
“….our President Mr. C. A. Tamboli National Kickboxing Federation N. G. (WAKO India) has “RESIGNED”, dated 3rd June 2017 at 3.45 pm inperson at Delhi in the presence of 7 Governing Body Members who are 1. Mr. G. Anand Balu 2. Mr. Santosh K Agrawal 3. Mr. Anil Kalyan 4. Mr. Wasim Ahmad, 5. Mr. Tarkesh Mishra 6. Mr. Harsh Dahiya 7. Mr. Montu Das and after due deliberations & consideration unanimously his resignation has been accepted.
Keeping in to consideration the above resignation of Mr C. A. Tamboli the rest of present members of the Governing Body decided to form the following Management Committee which shall function as follows:-

  1. Mr. Santosh K Agrawal (Haryana) President
  2. Mr. G. Anand Balu (Andhra Pradesh) Vice President
  3. Mr. Wasim Ahmad (Uttar Pradesh) Vice President
  4. Mr. Montu Das (West Bengal) Vice President
  5. Mr. Anil Kalyan (Rajasthan) Secretary General
  6. Mr. Harsh Dahiya (Delhi) Treasurer
  7. Mr. Tarkesh Mishra (Chhattisgarh) Board Member”

The above is a demonstration of existing of irregularities and unlawful acts committed by few members who think that they can named themselves as President and executives just few minutes after resignation of President and without calling the General Assembly and participation of members.

This is the reason why on 05/06/2017 our President Mr. Nassiri addressed an email to all states Kickboxing Associations members of WAKO INDIA and other concerned persons stating among other information the following:

As my capacity of the President of Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) a recognized body in charge of Kickboxing sport in Asia by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), I have to inform all of you that the information in that email and self-made nomination of executives of WAKO India are completely without value, illegal and against WAKO India statutes and WAKO Asia rules and regulations.”

“Moreover, we will discuss that issue with the Board of Directors of WAKO ASIA as soon as possible and will seek for appropriate legal advice and decision and will inform all of you accordingly.”

There were few exchanges and unfortunately Mr. Santosh Agrawal pretend having support of strong people maintained his unlawful position.

The Board of Directors of Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) after long discussions and telephone calls, taking in consideration the exchanges about WAKO India from 03/05/2017 and the fact that Mr. Santosh Agrawal is leading the individual in that case against WAKO ASIA and WAKO INDIA, estimated necessary and took on 05/06/2017 the decision to Suspend Mr. Santosh Agrawal as member of WAKO ASIA with the immediate effect until new decision.

The Board of Directors of Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) at the same Meeting confirmed that the sanction decision can be extend to the other 6 persons (Mr. G. Anand Balu (Andhra Pradesh), Mr. Wasim Ahmad (Uttar Pradesh), Mr. Montu Das (West Bengal), Mr. Anil Kalyan (Rajasthan), Mr. Harsh Dahiya (Delhi), Mr. Tarkesh Mishra (Chhattisgarh) involved without any future additional paper work if necessary.

This decision was notified to Mr. Santosh Agrawal on 06/06/2017 and all states Kickboxing Association members of WAKO INDIA and WAKO.

Mr. Santosh Agrawal and group of people continued their propaganda against WAKO ASIA stating that they have strong support from Europe and take unrespectable and harming attitude to WAKO ASIA which is recognized by Olympic Council of Asia as body of Kickboxing in Asia.

WAKO ASIA determined that the self-nomination of the President and executives by 7 members of WAKO India without organization of General Assembly and without conformity with WAKO INIDA Statutes is in complete violation of member’s rights and further more against Indian law.

In fact and according to WAKO INDIA historical changes since last General Assembly which were held on 21/04/2013, the composition of the management body of WAKO INDIA as of 03 June 2017 after Mr. C.A. Tamboli is the following :

– Mr. Donny Ronee, Vice President
– Mr. Sanjeev Jangra
– Mr. G. Anand Balu
– Mr. Harsh Dahiya
– Mr. Anil Kalyan
These members were supposed to manage the current activities of WAKO INDIA and call the General Assembly in conformity of Article 8 of WAKO INDIA statutes no longer than 30 days from the proposed date and respecting the India national law which provide the minimum 21 days’ notice for local NGO General Assembly call.

WAKO ASIA in order to protect the interest of WAKO INDIA and Indian athletes and the interest of Asian Kickboxing Confederation in Asia on 09/06/2017 took the decision to give a deadline to WAKO INDIA to call before 10/06/2017at 18h Delhi time the General Assembly. Failing on that, the WAKO INDIA could be considerate as suspended.

Hopefully, on 10/06/2014, Mr. Donny Ronee, the Vice President informed all the members that he is replacing president in conformity to WAKO India statutes after his resignation and announced the call for general assembly to be held on 09/07/2017 in conformity to their statutes. (The reveiw the letter of Mr. Donnt Ronee please click here)

On 11 June 2017 2017, Mr. Santosh Agrawal and his group in order to cover their illegal behavior and process which they used just few minutes after Mr. Tamboli on 3 June 2017 to elect themselves, have used the meeting which were scheduled for another issue and without any official call they have proceed and setup a meeting which they try to make up as General Assembly in conformity to WAKO INDIA Statutes and WAKO Statutes.

This meeting is just to make up to cover illegal nomination of 3 June 2017 for which Mr. Santosh Agrawal was sanctioned by WAKO ASIA Decision.

We would like to inform all that the terms of Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) statutes according to which the memberships of WAKO INDIA was examined and approved, the process which was used by Mr. Santosh Agrawal and his group is completely illegal, unfair and harmful not only to Kickboxing sport in India but to all sport in India and is against WAKO ASIA Statutes, goal and activities and against both WAKO ASIA and WAKO Policy fair play which require to give to all people the fair and equal chance.

By the present, we would like to remind you that WAKO ASIA is recognized as governing body in charge of ASIA and part of its duties WAKO ASIA also looking in respect of interest of all of our members who are entitled to express their votes in a fair and democratic General Assembly which the fact of process of nomination mentioned above confirmed it is not the case.

Accordingly, we would like to inform you that Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA) do not recognize the meeting of 11 June 2017 which by unethical behavior has been make up as General Assembly.

Furthermore, Mr. Donny Ranee the duly elected Vice President who in conformity with WAKO INDIA statutes is actually acting as President by official notice sent to all States Kickboxing Associations members of WAKO INDIA announced the call the official General Assembly to be held on 9 July 2017 in conformity to WAKO India Statutes.

We hope that you will understand our position which is only to assure the right of WAKO INDIA members to a fair and democratic election in conformity to the statutes of WAKO INDIA countersigned and approved on 21/04/2013 by the members as communicated and registered by WAKO ASIA.

Thank you in advance for your attention and time.

Yours in sport
PR Department
Asian Kickboxing Confederation (WAKO ASIA)

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